Cafe EGGOIST Bread & Breakfast

MODGI Group was given the job of turning Cafe EGGOIST Bread & Breakfast into a clean and contemporary cafe for stayiing to work or passing through.

  • area / size 656 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • The interior solution was conceived intentionally with a certain arrogance and courage, which is what the name EGGOIST calls for: rejection of the traditional “coziness” of the bakery in favor of a laconic, restrained, almost ascetic design in decoration and details. The color scheme with a single bright accent becomes the backdrop for the main element of the interior – display cases with delicious bread and pastries.

    To ensure that guests who love themselves do not lose a lot of time buying coffee and rolls, the bakery is designed as a continuation of the hall of the shopping center, but with a comfortable seating for 30 seats. This is a good place to retire to work with a laptop, get together with friends or have a business breakfast. Anytime of the day!

    Design: MODGI Group
    Photography: Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov