BUTCHER House Restaurant

MODGI Group took inspiration from a traditional steakhouse with the rawness of the old west to complete the BUTCHER House Restaurant in Saint Petersburg.

  • area / size 2,303 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Type Restaurant,
  • The main inspiration for the interior design of BUTCHER House was the nature of the Mid and Wild West of the USA. It was there that the culture of ranches and traditional steakhouses was born in due time.

    However, BUTCHER House is not a traditional meat restaurant with traditional decorative elements in the form of bulls’ heads or cowboy attributes.

    The created image of the interior conveys the spirit of the American arid prairies through indirect associations and plunges into the atmosphere of the gold rush novels. The decoration of the walls and ceiling is reminiscent of the rocks and sandy landscape of the area, the dried flowers give a nod to the local flora. The chosen range of the interior also informs the guest about the closeness to nature: these are warm natural shades in brown-beige tones from light to darkest. The necessary share of the brutality and severity of the steakhouse is provided by the use of stainless steel and concrete elements.

    Externally, the interior of the BUTCHER House restaurant is simple, but it is built on the play of nuances. This allows you to maintain a balance of comfort and brevity.

    Design: MODGI Group
    Photography: Dmitry Tsyrenschikov