Alvic Blue Moon Lounge Bar

Héctor Ruiz Velázquez designed the innovative, eclectic and imaginative real art space of Alvic Blue Moon Lounge Bar created for Alvic International at the Casa Decor 2020 Event.

  • area / size 861 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Much more than functionality and aesthetics, it is an imaginary scenario of visual games based on the kaleidoscope and on the Japanese art of cut-out paper, kirigami, which recreates with panels and cut-out surfaces in a distorted reality that connects the visitor with the raw material.

    This is achieved because of the creation of a simple module booth of recycled wooden panels in a high gloss finish, trimmed and self-supporting, which are repeated 3 times in a structural, functional and aesthetic manner.

    By joining 3 modules, a relationship is created between the horizontal and vertical curves of the modules, generating a dance of infinite curves in space, expanding perspectives in all dimensions of vision and all orchestrated under the warm existing brick vault.

    Simplicity and purity, a very sustainable design thanks to the fact that the raw material of the entire product is recycled wood. It is a systematized and articulated structure from the factory, built in a modular way and totally adaptable as a KIT, very easy to assemble and transport due to its minimal cubic capacity. Characteristics that make it a perfect prototype of ECO DESIGN.

    The recycled material without waste in its construction is the undisputed protagonist of this architectural performance, which is visible, touched and mixed with the air.

    Design: Héctor Ruiz Velázquez
    Photography: Nacho Uribe Salazar