Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination

THDP completed the revitalization project of the Terme di Saturnia Natural Spa & Golf Resort Saturnia to update the 100 year old space.

  • rooms 132
  • Year 2020
  • Location Saturnia, Italy,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Amongst the most renowned spa complexes in Italian ancient history, Terme di Saturnia stands out from other thermal buildings, due to the extraordinary geological dynamic conformation of the waters gushing out of the crater and resulting in lovely waterfalls complemented by shallow natural pools.

    Completed in 1919, on the threshold of its 101st anniversary the complex has been renewed by the London-based studio THDP with a project offering insights into the future and a look back to the past.

    The original thermal spring is the tank-shaped crater from which clean water renewed at intervals of six hours flows with a 37.5 degrees constant temperature. As the water descends towards the Mill, it cools down and the sulphur crystalizes, thus rendering the water brighter and purer and giving it a celestial colour due to the presence of crystalized sulphur.

    The water of Saturnia originates from the rain that falls on Mount Amiata, finding erosive underground paths of travertine and eventually re-emerging from the crater after 40 years, hence resulting in small bubbles and continuous circular movements on the tank.

    The inspiration for the concept arises from the favorable natural condition. The earth, the air, and the water modify the elements, the light, the temperature.

    Lighting installations with glass spheres have been designed by Gomiero, who had the intuition to ripple the spheres, thus re-creating and transposing the water’s reflexes on the walls in the rooms adjacent to the bathtub in communal areas, as required by the studio.

    The waterfalls of the Mill have been the inspiration behind the design project of the reception area, realized in collaboration with local artisans such as the Ragnini workshops from Pitigliano ­– who crafted oxidized tables and bronzed handles ­– and with experienced craftsmen such as Ramiro Contract and Materica – who obtained corroded metals and sulphur dense water from the processing of liquid metals.

    The selection of four colour palettes resulted from the observation of the resort’s surroundings. The colours have been declined in diverse shades in line with the different areas, from the reception with the ethereal hues of the waterfalls of the Mill, to the patio with the central olive tree embodying the Tuscan countryside, up to the bright tones of turquoise and petrol blue of the handmade glazed terracotta tiles of the bar counter coating, found after a long search, in the colour “The Fondale” , from Pecchioli Fierenze.

    In order to maintain an ideal continuity with the classic and elegant original style, but more importantly with the conscious intention to adhere to a sustainable approach to renovations, some wooden furnishings have been preserved both in rooms and common spaces.

    Design: THDP
    Photography: Giorgio Baroni