Restaurant Substans

Krøyer & Gatten was tasked with turning the Restaurant Substans into a thoughtful design with woodcraft in both furniture and cabinetry to compliment the lighting and layout of the rest of the space.

  • area / size 861 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Aarhus, Denmark,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Krøyer & Gatten is the architect and cabinetmakers behind the new restaurant Substans. Everything from logo (designed together with strategic designer Rickey Lindberg) to furniture is designed and made by Krøyer & Gatten.

    The Danish restaurant which had one Michelin star closed their old restaurant in maj 2018. The plan was to open up a whole new restaurant, in a new building in a new part of the Danish city Aarhus. The owners René and Louise had a plan and a wish to open Substans one year later, in maj 2019 with a new identity, a new staff and a new restaurant on the 11th. floor of Pakhusene in Aarhus, with a view to Aarhus bugten (ocean The Kattegat) and Mols Bjerge (national park).

    Krøyer & Gatten was head architect and creator on the project and every little detail was designed and created by the young company. From acting as consultative architect with the decisions on floors, ceiling, doors and doorknobs etc. to designing and creating tables and chairs.

    The idea behind the interior was to create a cosy intimate space with the inspiration from the danish and scandinavian architecture and design from the 1960-1970’s. With inspiration from architects as Friis og Moltke, Alvar Aalto and Jørgen Bækmark.

    Visiting a Michelin restaurant should be a holistic experience. An experience with both great food and wine but also a great atmosphere and interior/spatial experience.

    From a birds perspective, Krøyer & Gatten was looking at the room as one room with 4-5 sections, all with references to the private home: The entrance, The pantry, The kitchen, The dining area

    These terms of room experiences worked as the foundation of the future work and design decisions. Looking at the room this way is creating small stories and spatial experiences within the restaurant. The holistic design is a simple nordic design with a 2019 twist.

    The experience starts with the arrival, where a warm and cosy light is shining from the small window next to the big oak door. Truly a difference in materials and light from the rest of the cold concrete building. You open the heavy door and find yourself in the entrance. A slatted wall with references to Friis & Moltke architects and Alvar Aalto is separating the entrance from the pantry.

    The bar is designed in the traditional danish bricks created from clay. Together with a solid terrazzo top and shelfs in walnut, the piece is creating references to the Scandinavian architecture for the 60-70’s.

    The Dining area is split into two areas, one with more traditional two persons tables and round tables for 4-6 persons, with references to restaurants and cafes. And one with a bench with references to the eating area in private kitchens.

    The tables are all designed and created by Krøyer & Gatten, together with 8 chairs. Every product is designed from solid oak and is designed for disassembly. A sustainable way of designing and making it possible to locate every material in its pure form. That’s why details and screws are visible as a detail instead of hiding it away.

    The rest of the chairs is from J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik, with a design from 1962 and production in Aarhus these chairs was the obvious choice.

    Design: Krøyer & Gatten
    Photography: Martin Gravgaard