Café Dix

Kinzo incorporated muted tones, minimal materials, and pops of color to give Café Dix a calm and relaxing environment to enjoy coffee.

  • area / size 1,636 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Berlin, Germany,
  • In collaboration with the Berlin furniture brand “Objekte Unserer Tage”, the architectural studio Kinzo has transformed the café of the contemporary gallery to present reality, opening the space and revealing its essential structures. The potential of the space is revealed in the elegant simplicity of the design.

    The combination of materials shows a space without one particular overpowering element. Without standing out, the backdrop of the bar area is finished in a deep blue – levelling out the long bar counter formed from Smile Plastics. The materiality of the plastic surface, made from waste materials, acts like a canvas and is a perfect way for the momentary use of the space until the final renovation.

    The center is a longitudinal common space. The bar, which runs parallel to the main counter, runs along the entire length of the room and is accompanied by a lower seating piece in a muted gray. Lining the bar are “OUT’s SHULZ” bar stools standing out in a bold orange.

    OUT’s crafted furniture brings a captivating color combination to the space. Kinzo chose specific pieces and finishes while OUT designed complimentary custom-made tables from Smile Plastics. Chairs and tables dot the 152 sqm. room and, with seating for up to 70, allow for versatile and flexible use in the dynamic space.

    The updated cafe stands out from Kinzo’s usual projects. Previously known more for their work in office design, in Café Dix they created an environment based on their ability to tactfully assemble a combination of materials and objects. The Berlinische Galerie, which collects art created in Berlin since 1870 to today with a regional and international focus, experiences a creative exchange between Kinzo and OUT – a significant collaboration between space makers in the city. The transformed café was completed in January 2021.

    Design: Kinzo
    Photography: Schnepp Renou