TMK Rap & Rolls Restaurant

Pirata Group utilized the golden era of hip hop to make bold design choices and a fun eclectic feel to both the interior and exterior of TMK Rap & Rolls Restaurant.

  • area / size 800 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Now open in Hong Kong, TMK Rap & Rolls by Pirata Group brings its celebrated motto of living life the fun way to the guests of Wan Chai’s buzzing Star Street precinct. The project, an interior design transformation of a previous bar from another tennant, began in the concept and development phase in October 2020 before construction taking place from mid January to February 2021.

    The striking interior and bold exterior presence of TMK Rap & Rolls is the first project completed by Pirata Group’s own design team. Celebrating the sound, culture and energy of the golden era of hip hop, the venue is packed to the absolute brim with design and material flourishes that reference this iconic period in music history. From the wall of forty vintage boomboxes and neon lights that greet guests upon arrival, through to custom-made illustrations of celebrated hip hop figures such as Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy and LL Cool J that adorn the walls based on original early 1980’s Bronx hip hop flyers, and the over five-hundred vintage and custom cassettes lining the sushi counter, the venue is a rich visual spectacle with the soundtrack to match.

    This eye-catching style is expressed further outdoors, where a mural installation by Elsa Jeandedieu Studio covers the restaurant exterior in 1980s rap lyrics alongside artwork made of The Notorious B.I.G. and Salt-N-Pepa.

    Design: Pirata Group
    Photography: Chester Ong