Shavi Bistro

Fast casual eatery Shavi Bistro was designed by STUDIO SHOO to combine quick service dining with colors, textures, and patterns inspired by Georgian artists and designers.

  • area / size 1,033 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Yoshkar-Ola, Russia,
  • The uniqueness of the Shavi project lies in the concept “Gastronomy through Art”, that inspired STUDIO SHOO during the process of designing. Look at the colors, art or Georgian architecture throughs the prism of modern world and today’s fashion, and you will see the new Gastro bistro with the spirit of non-traditional Georgia.

    “Fast casual” is a completely new format for Yoshkar-Ola city: quite petit area, high seats, waiter-less and quick service. However, at the same time there are always fresh dishes straight from the kitchen and the whole cooking process is just in front of the guests.

    The space itself was divided into three functional areas. At the entrance, it was arranged as a sort of bar zone for some appetizers and snacks. The hall for full course dinner menu with a cozy seating chairs was isolated by a partition of glass blocks. The room was furnished with comfy sofas and tables according to the sketches of architects.

    The literal translation of the word შავი (shavi) is black – the most popular color in the fashion industry. For Shavi, we created decor elements inspired by pieces from Haute couture collections of Georgian fashion designers. The shape of the arches of the table stands was inspired by the classical Georgian architecture. And the folds on the menu refer to fashion designers and patterns.

    All the details – colors, textures, pattern have been inspired by Georgian artists and designers, which helps to immerse into the atmosphere.

    Natural warm colors of plaster and deep natural green, smooth furniture surface and rough walls, terrazzo and graphic lines, vibrant green plants and architectural glass blocks – playing with this whole these textures, colors and tactile sense. STUDIO SHOO wanted to create a place for new excitements and experiences that guests would like to share with others.

    Design: STUDIO SHOO
    Photography: Polina Poludkina