MAD Bar and Restaurant

Urban Mistrii Studio was given a simple brief for MAD Bar and Restaurant – create a design which is out of the ordinary and offers an enjoyable experience to the visitor.

  • area / size 2,600 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location New Delhi, India,
  • An eclectic, vibrant and dynamic space–MAD–stands out with its expressive façade within the conventional market place in Delhi. Living upto its name, the design palette of Mad is derived from an adventurous mixture of contemporary, tropical and neo-classical styles. Even though it is in the landlocked capital city, the vibe of the bar and restaurant–from the diverse décor to the menu–transports one to a vacation in the tropics.

    Spread across a single storey on the ground floor, the restaurant creates unique encounters in varying capacities–through spatial configurations, design, materials and props. The bright red façade with golden mouldings along the surface invites guests into the restaurant. A short staircase, finished with Kadappa stone and highlighted with strip lighting, lands in front of a French door fitted within an arch. The arched entrance corridor, crafted with wooden boards and finished with duco in rich and pastel colours, was envisaged as a tunnel transporting one from a concrete jungle and into a tropical safari. The tunnel leads into the open seating space in the centre and more private and fixed seating booth along the peripheries.

    Anchored upon the idea of providing a memorable experience through music and dance, the bar and the stage are the highlight of the space. The bar area is decorated with a botanical ceiling and orb lights, with a geometrical railing running across its length which provides exclusivity and emphasis. The flexible seating arrangement caters to a dual function–a relaxed bistro during the day and a vibrant bar during the night. During the evenings, this transition is achieved by extending the stage and dance floor within the centre of the restaurant by comfortably moving the furniture around.

    Private seating booths are enclosed within golden bars that add privacy as well as an element of sophistication. Within these enclosures, wine-coloured sofas are paired with hygge inspired tri-legged tables. In the open area, the various seating clusters complement the polished wooden tables–in the centre, chairs with botanical upholstery and highchairs with cocoa-brown upholstery along the edges.

    The duality of the space is further exemplified through the motifs, fixtures and colours–ranging from muted colours of the planters and railings to the bold colours of the arched entrance; the flamingo and banana leaf patterned wallpaper to the abstract portraits of the neo-classical period; and the strong geometric spherical lights to the dainty chandeliers. In continuation to the design palette, the flooring is a combination of brown wooden finish and a monochrome geometrical pattern in stone. Tall plants within translucent and underlit cuboidal pots are strategically places across the wooden floor and further accentuate the tropical ambience. Throughout the restaurant, from the entrance to the interior spaces, quotes in striking neon colours keep the party spirit high. At night, the zesty colour scheme is visible through the coloured cove lighting.

    Previously a space occupied by another eatery, the transformation of the space into a restaurant and bar was completed within a span of two months. The fast execution was achieved by ensuring the use of locally sourced materials and a sturdy collaboration between the designer, client, consultants and contractors. The restaurant is layered with passive and dynamic elements, creating a binary platform that accommodates both–relaxing and stimulating environments. The fearless colour choices, strong geometric templates and botanical elements come together as a celebration–sure to attract the visitors for an unforgettable and energizing time.

    DesignUrban Mistrii Studio
    Photography: Avesh Gaur