Bar De Luxe

The hidden gem cocktail bar, Bar De Luxe, was relocated and redesigned by M.R. STUDIO, who was deeply influenced by Japanese traditional aesthetics and craftsmanship that is blended with western contemporary elements.

  • area / size 2,200 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Guests are immediately taken by surprise when stepping out of the lift – unlike a conventional bar, the space presents itself as a calm and sophisticated residence that welcome people to be immersed in its zen temperament.

    The circle embedded with infinity mirrors draws inspiration from the moon gates that often found in Japanese gardens, with wooden lattice applied around, it accentuates the essence of Japanese architecture philosophy. Raw timber is used throughout the space with various forms and details, while turquoise hue is introduced to blend across the interior; together it injects the modern refined energy into the Japanese inspired details, which creates a harmonious and intimate ambience.

    Following the corridor, guests enter the main space that continues the same colour and materiality scheme, in which unites the design motif and aesthetic mood. The centrepiece – bar counter further punctuates the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship. To pay homage to wagasa, the ancient oil-paper umbrella, one that plays an important role in tea ceremonies and kabuki theatre, and considered an objet d’art that represents of Japanese culture; The studio created a ceiling lighting feature mimicking a tripped back wagasa that reveals its structural skeleton ribs. Amongst the bottles display, another moon gate inspired decorated timber circle houses the simple and elegant floral arrangement. The original solid wood is intentionally reserved for the bar table from former location. It not only serves as a symbol to continue its legacy, but also offers the loyal guests a meaningful emotional sustenance that reminds them the precious memories from the older days.

    The other side of the bar presents an open view of the metropolitan city. Through those floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the subtle change of natural light in the day and its transition into thriving nightscape are well captured. The thoughtful space planning blurs the concept of indoor and outdoor, provides guests a relaxing atmosphere for enjoyment.

    Design: M.R. STUDIO
    Photography: Steven Ko