W Osaka

The W Osaka is a new 27-story landmark high-rise which was designed by concrete to completely WOW visitors from arrival to checkout

  • Year 2021
  • Location Osaka, Japan,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Situated on Midosuji Boulevard, a new 27-story landmark high-rise, designed by Nikken Sekkei and with a Tadao Ando supervised facade, is the home of Japan’s first W Hotel. Don’t be deceived by its simple black monolith design – inside hides a world of extravagance! Its interior is inspired by the many facets of the city, welcoming guests to experience Osaka, through the eyes of concrete…

    The true spirit of Osaka – extravagant simplicity
    Every W hotel is designed for its specific location – with foreign designers invited to offer the fresh perspectives of an outsider. For W’s first hotel in Japan, concrete absorbed the sites, sounds, flavors and thrills of Osaka. From the simple beauty of the cherry blossoms and gingko trees lining the Midosuji Boulevard to the vibrant neon and busy streetscape of Osaka’s nightlife district Dotonburi. Concrete found inspiration in both the simple and traditional, as well as the modern, obsessive and extravagant and created a design concept of extravagant simplicity – celebrating the true spirit of the city.

    The arrival
    The “wow” experience begins as you enter the long arrival tunnel from the main Midōsuji Boulevard entrance. Inspired by delicate blossoms and the fine art of origami, more than 3000 circles were laser cut into sturdy metal and folded randomly. The lights behind the abstract blossom change colors with the 4 seasons and shift in intensity from daytime to night – creating an otherworldly portal into the world of W Osaka. The Osaka experience proceeds in the arrival lobby. Here, the asanoha pattern was the inspiration behind the ceiling, flooring and staircase. A simple yet bold ceiling uses a scaled-up, 3D version of this traditional geometric pattern – which is reflected in the pattern on the granite flooring, in 6 dark grey shades.

    The social heart – living room & bar
    In a standard hotel, the first thing guests see is the check-in counter. Instead, when exiting the lift, W Osaka guests immediately see the bar, the social heart of the hotel. To connect and separate the spaces that serve the W Osaka guests on this floor – like an endless shoji screen – a continuous white, sheer curtain with sharp origami-style pleats flows from here to there and around again.

    The WET deck, bar & courtyard
    Inspired by the Japanese love for nature, the WET area is characterised by smooth walls and round corners. The endless line of the horizon is the simplest abstraction of nature. This line becomes a playful element connecting all the spaces on this floor, as a chrome horizon flows along the walls. Each area has its own character – color-coded in shades of green, grey, blue or pink tiling – defining the space’s function.

    Design: concrete
    Photography: courtesy of Marriott International