Mercure Hotel Bengkulu

Designed by Metaphor Interior, Mercure Hotel Bengkulu integrates a colonial theme and a casual atmosphere to create a hangout space in addition to a place for accommodation.

  • area / size 12,701 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Bengkulu, Indonesia,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Bengkulu is the capital of Indonesia province of Bengkulu. The city is the second largest on the west coast of Sumatra Island after Padang. During the European colonialism era, Bengkulu becomes the commercial centre for the region, focusing on spice trade. This resulted in the growth of the area, for its economy and culture as well as its maritime transportation.

    The Terminal
    The initial concept of the public area in Mercure Bengkulu is the port itself, where the area is divided to few zones but still in accordance with one another. The idea is inspired from Port Malborough, build by the British during the colonialism era. It is considered a centre point of the city and was always busy with people.

    The reception area resemblance an immigration counter at the port. This is considered a high privacy area, where usually confidential documents were presented. Therefor partitions were placed in this area to create a semi-private ambiance for the guest to check in to the hotel. The patterns on the surface of each partition also came from a local craft of Kulit Lantung.

    The whole design concept of this reception area is to create a casual space. For when it’s not in use, it could be functioned for other purposes. It is why the decision came to put a communal desk so people can spend some time or even do some work in there. An open space concept also used in the area, the guest could have a broad view to the whole space without being hindered by wall.

    The Colonial
    Colonial theme is heavily implied throughout the interior design of public area inside Mercure Bengkulu. Curved design on the pillars, patterned flooring, black linings and the contrast of dark and light colour is the core element of colonial design, with the main colour used of taupe, a dark grey-brown colour. Curved arch design also implemented throughout the space. Attractive wood louvre also installed along the wall in the lobby and dining area, which is also one main characteristic of colonial design.

    The Identity
    Through their chain in Bengkulu, Mercure wants a more casual design applied in this hotel. Specially to gain a younger audience, so that the hotel would be a destination place for hangout and gathering and not just an accommodation. And heavily inspired by its position as a port during the colonialism era, the interior design of Mercure Bengkulu comes with a fusion of local and colonial culture. With all of this combined, the result is a perfect balance of modern ethnicity interior design that still in-line with the identity of the brand itself.

    Design: Metaphor Interior
    Photography: courtesy of Mercure Hotel