Hotel Pacai

Hotel Pacai in Vilnus, Lithuania is the synthesis of multiple creative visions coming together in a historical building that is as much remarkable heritage as it is a place celebrating the present uniqueness of Lithuania and Baltic culture done by

  • rooms 104
  • Year 2018
  • Location Vilnius, Lithuania,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Interior design is an extremely powerful tool to tell the story for each guest and create a direct dialog through experiences and sensations. While creating this story of the mansion and relationship with each guest, we clearly set few goals and visions to be expressed through design:

    Emphasis on the historical background of the building
    The majority of spaces date back to the very end of the XVII century. Therefore, we set the goal to keep the history visible in a very direct way: all the existing frescoes and unique textures of the walls are sustained and exposed using lighting. Mystique staircase space with exposed old walls… Rooms with authentic frescoes…Historical findings exposed in various spaces…These are the most powerful features speaking about the history of the building through visual evidences.

    Discover the relationship between past and present
    This is the goal that guided to the leading design style which is Modern Classics. There is no aim to mimic the past, but keep the main features of classical style which are elegance, purity in the materials and allure in details. Items from the past were reimagined and recast with items of the present, living together in harmony or contrast (for example: minimalist modern form of the furniture, but classical language speaking material/texture, or the opposite). As we navigate through both past and present in the interior spaces, we create the authentic expression of Modern.

    Focus on harmony and cozy artistic atmosphere
    Dominating soft, deep tones in the public areas (restaurant, lounge bar, reception, part of the hallways), smooth lighting with the focus on critical elements (such like frescoes, exhibits, accent elements), art pieces in the rooms, – diversity of elements is used to create welcoming atmosphere of the interior spaces.

    Send a message about Baltic culture
    The best expression of this last but not the least aspect is through the services and communication. However, we use the features of Baltic region as a philosophical approach for some design decisions: the usage of only pure and natural materials; the exposed fragments of greenery which forms the majority of Baltic countries landscape; the interior colour pallet is based on the colour tones seen in the nature through the year (the art pieces are tend to reflect the colour tones of different seasons in the Baltic region). There are no direct depictions of culture, landscape, or traditions – just a moderate expression through details in the conceptual and artistic way.

    Photography: courtesy of