Dabpa-Shatin Restaurant

Minus Workshop created a welcoming design for Dabpa-Shatin Restaurant that is attractive to the passersby inside a busy mall.

  • area / size 208 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Chengdu, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Designer wanted it all age orientated to make the stereotyped Sichuan cuisine more hospitable. Privacy was their one great concern too, Yiu wanted to create an unconventional space that able to trigger more private conversation, so small groups of customers can liberate there longer.

    “A surprise journey to the oriental garden”, in alignment with this master concept, Yiu also invited the local greenery fanatic – Botanic Union to team up and develop deep to make greenery art well blended into the space. With the interior, Yiu wants the visitors to reminisce the small sensation when being inside a Chinese garden. Such as the sensibility when sitting in a pavilion, visuality of lawn layers, bridge transitory, authentic tactile impression of pebbles, sculptural greenery, feelings under the tree shade, etc.

    After the dramatic enter, many moss plates can be found on the walls and each one of it are embeds and installed base on Yiu’s design intuition. As well, each set of the banquette seat was specially designed next to a large window frame, formatted with a unique piece of potted landscape as the scene to infuse extra privacy during the dining experience.

    Admired by the natural sculptural body of the Chinese pine tree, a portion of the tree became the center statement piece of the restaurant. You may notice that the bespoke mosaic tile floor is illustrated together with the pebble ribbons throughout the space, Yiu wanted to inject a sense of positive energy to customers. This pebble ribbon also acting as the restaurant’s navigator of the passage. Furthermore, a secluded transparent pavilion can also be found at the heart of the space. It is built under the influence of the Chinese column and beam structures, surrounded by high potted landscape for good privacy. The bubble glass partition is specially tailored in the orientation of gradient format, echoing with the surrounded greenery features, perfectly representing “living & breathing” of this space.

    Design: Minus Workshop
    Photography: Edmon leong photography