The CoffeeO:ogy

Designed by RMA Projects, The.coffeeo:ogy Coffee Shop is a minimalist coffee shop located in a bar street in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

  • area / size 646 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Designed by R.MA projects, a Hong Kong-based interior design studio, a Vibe of coffee and -Ology are the design concept bringing the coffee experience to coffee aficionados by creating an aura and a space for caffeine connoisseurs of all tastes to interact and communicate. We strongly believe a cup of coffee is a start to create a conversation with others, so there is a “:” in the logo design, to remind you “a cup of coffee is more than just a cup of coffee”.

    The use of the material palette is basic: paint, brick, concrete & iron. This simple yet strong connection with the origin of coffee and ology – an ology is to learn the deep knowledge & culture while the logo design is inspired by the periodic table, as coffee is a combination of Co27, F9, Fe26 & E125, Fe26 means Iron. We have picked the iron color as the metal color for cutleries, tablewares in the coffee shop to address the concept, that is the practice of an ology. All of the materials symbolize the interwoven nature of all of these aspects that have contributed to this unique coffee experience.

    Design: RMA Projects
    Photography: Kenneth Chao