Residence Restaurant

YOVA YAGER has completed its new Residence project – a locavore restaurant in a small town in the center of the country with modern Ukrainian design and love for Ukrainian products.

  • area / size 6,178 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Cherkasy, Ukraine,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Residence Restaurant in Cherkassy is a place with the menu based on local and seasonal products. It is also an object of revival of the post-Soviet industrial city in central Ukraine, which shows the concept of rethinking Ukrainian traditions.

    Revealing this concept, Yova Yager builds the design on the basis of three principles – rethinking Ukrainian authenticity, minimalism and local production. Therefore, in the restaurant not only dishes, but also furniture, lamps, paintings on the walls, vases, facing tiles and decor are made by Ukrainian crafters. Even the contrast of green, sand and concrete works as an analogy with the country and Cherkassy, an industrial city full of green parks and alleys.

    The project is focused on everything designed and manufactured exclusively by Ukrainian craftsmen. There are concrete figured tiles on the walls made by the Ukrainian brand Odud Lab, with a pigment of terracotta, green and grey colours. And handmade marble-cement tiles from Lviv craftsmen Leoti are on the floor. Ceiling lamps from The Fild and Gomin Gir Ukrainian brands. Gomin Gir hand-carved lamps are made in the style of Carpathian symbolism and ethno minimalism, where carving is an aesthetics element of traditional craft in modern design. The Fild, one of the main companies that have shaped the object design industry in Ukraine, manufactured lamps for the restaurant with a simple design and impeccable quality. Vases, formed as traditional Ukrainian handmade pots, are made by Kiev potters following special sketches. The Ukrainian companies VERDI and Trone Grande, the leaders on the market, manufactured all furniture, mirrors and decorative elements exclusively for the project.

    Plants play a significant role in the concept and design. The restaurant is filled with live greens and contrasting compositions of living plants and dried flowers, created by talented florists of the Ukrainian company Zeleniy Prostir, based on local plants, sand reed and lady fern. Herbs are present in recipes, decor of tables and dishes, and even in the very logo of the restaurant. The same floristic pattern is displayed on furniture fabrics, in paintings on the columns and walls. The translucent pattern also is applied on the panoramic windows of the facade wall to create privacy for the guests.

    The restaurant is located in an administrative building on the main street and stands out for its laconic black-metal entrance group with a facade wall made of panoramic windows. Spacious main hall of 450 sq.m. divides the entrance in half. There is also a tasting room for presentations of new farm products, master classes, tastings of local wines and foodpeirines in the far part of the place. A concrete bar counter, where you can drink locavore wine or signature cocktail with a honeycomb, separates the space of the main hall from the open kitchen, where you can see all the processes of creating unique recipes – homemade duck with the addition of our own dried cherries or beetroot hummus.

    Cherkassky Residence is a modern democratic place that citizens can be proud of and guests of the city can envy. It offers not only new Ukrainian cuisine and aesthetics, it also helps the development of a community, from setting an example of a restaurant business based on local farm products to cultivating taste in all its senses, including its modern, conscious design.

    Design: YOVA YAGER
    Photography: Sergey Polushko, Asia Shalay