Can Lah Restaurant

Minus Workshop takes you on a journey to Southeast Asia through “CaN LaH” using all five senses to take you along on the voyage.

  • area / size 2,500 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • “CaN LaH” is a pronunciation of Singlish authentically well used in the culture. A restaurant has taken it as its name and presented innovative Southern East Asian cuisine to Hong Kong in IFC by Chef Chong, the chairman of the Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs. Kevin Yiu – the founder of Minus Workshop, re-designed and transformed “CaN LaH”, the restaurant that deliberately invites you to a staycation.

    Yiu’s conceptual direction sets you off to a tour satisfying the rich five senses, not just the visual. The guests can immerse into the adventure through the senses of the restaurant in many regards. The highlight at your first sight is the arrival—a ticket office. A train ride will lead to an unexpected debut of an incredible adventure. It allows us to escape from reality for the time being.

    Yiu thought through the flow from the arrival to the user experience. One of the main features of the design is the banquette seaters that were conceived by the concept of the train cabin. Luggage racks and the selection of decorative light fixtures have created an atmosphere; the ‘window’ inside the cabin creates a view during your meal and this usage of layer gives prominence to the textured wall behind. It allows you to fill in with the tranquillising scenery that you may have neglected before.

    Moreover, The cabinet provides guests with a small ledge to store bottles or condiments at your table. Additionally, each cabinet with a curtain is convertible into a private space sharing between guests. It is all your decision on the boundaries with the surroundings. After all, when you are settled and crafting for the dishes, a decorative halo behind the seat is a signature design crafted in your memories by capturing a tourist picture.

    Speaking of the culture of Southeast Asia, how can we miss the cabana? Walking through the transition further into the restaurant, here comes an area that can be flexibly combined. The cabana can be blended into the restaurant as a whole or an open-up dining session. You can dine alone, romantically for two, or even throw a party at a long table thrilled with good food here. The idea has been in line with the force majeure clause of the catering industry under today’s epidemic.

    The voyage hasn’t just ended here. The dining hall is spacious but without losing the privacy of each table. They are separated by arched screens with curvature design elements to reciprocate the entire perception. Moreover, the furniture definitely plays a big part in mood enhancement. Solid wood furniture and decors are widely used in South-East countries. No wonder the material is all over in “CaN LaH”’s interior creation.

    The outdoor lounge of “CaN LaH” further highlights the scenario of a city escape. Such as the welcome bar right before you step away from the air-conditioner, and then you will see the functional mobile vending carts. While savouring wine and delicacies outdoor, You are now fully immersing the moment by going through every single little thoughtful design minutiae. Every touch and sense will form scenes of your mesmerising vacation. So, let us explore the next amusing and fruitful journey from “Can Lah”.

    Design: Minus Workshop
    Photography: steven ko interior photography