Kento Shop 2

Masquespacio worked to make the space at Kento Shop 2 look bigger than it is while maintaining the brand identity through color and theme at this second location in Valencia, Spain.

  • area / size 269 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • After the successful opening of the first Kento take away shop, specialized in sushi and other dishes from the Japanese kitchen, a year ago now Eduardo Hijlkema decided to continue with his expansion plan. Getting back to work with design studio Masquespacio, although this time he decided to open a shop 100% focussed on a take away service. Containing only 25 m2, the design of the venue needed to create an amplifying effect for which a mirror was used to make the space look bigger than its real dimensions. On the other hand it was important to make it different from the first Kento, but maintaining the brand identity. Due to this fact, the colors of the existing identity were reused, changing some of the materials. Additionally to highlight are the forms of the window frames that create a powerful result, without touching the colors and materials of the existing building. A window on the other hand was made to see the sushi chefs work live, showcasing the love and the freshness with which Kento elaborates its products.

    Design: Masquespacio
    Photography: Luis Beltran