Liberté Bakery

Emmanuelle Simon utilized French materials, numerous arches, and thoughtful techniques to give the small space of Liberté Bakery an eye-catching look.

  • area / size 269 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Paris, France,
  • This place emerged from the encounter between Mickael Benichou, founder of the Boulangeries Liberté, and interior architect Emmanuelle Simon. He gave her Parisian agency carte blanche to imagine a unique spot.

    The idea was to create a cozy atmosphere in a 25m2 space, located on rue Saint Dominque in Paris’ 7th arrondissement, leaving in mind the memory of an authentic experience.

    The blue stone floor, reminiscent of Parisian paving stones, creates a sense of continuity with the exterior, inviting passers-by to enter.

    Once inside, you find yourself surrounded by arched, like a cloister, making the gaze travel between the play of lights and volumes.

    The use of hand-crafted solid wood elements brings a refinement touch to this custom-designed spot. Raku tiles decorate the central island and the arched alcoves, adding rhythm to the design. This Japanese ceramic technique, which by a shock thermal reveals random cracks, evoke those of hot bread taken out of the oven. Other arches welcome customers who rest for a few minutes in this serene place, to savor coffee and pastries.

    On the ceiling, 12 lights from the BABA collection by Emmanuelle Simon, in chamotte plaster and frosted glass, echo the roundness stools, in solid wood, from the same collection.

    Through a narrow vertical opening at the back of the room, we can see the baker at work preparing delicious smelling breads and other delicacies.

    Design: Emmanuelle Simon
    Photography: Jerome Galland