Weatherstone Clubhouse

NORR was asked to give the community a sophisticated, mixed-use, welcoming environment at the Weatherstone Clubhouse giving guests space for work, fitness, and social interactions.

  • area / size 4,400 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • As part of the 300-acre Weatherstone mixed-use development, NORR was engaged for the design of the community’s 4,400 sf clubhouse. The goal was to provide a variety of amenity spaces including open community spaces, private meeting/dining area, fitness center, yoga studio, game room and patio. A separate leasing office is also located in the clubhouse and required its own conference room and reception area.

    NORR undertook Hankin’s live-work-play approach and developed an interior design concept that would complement the other apartment buildings and common areas of the community. The entry is marked by the furniture and light fixture, both selected to be statement pieces. The fire pit, at the center of the community space, encourages residents to relax. Five digital displays were also installed throughout the clubhouse to share community news and updates.

    Design: NORR
    Photography: Dave Apple