Delta Hotels by Marriott Dallas Southlake

Merriman Anderson Architects used the experience of the original land where Delta Hotels by Marriott Dallas Southlake was built as inspiration for the detailed design.

  • area / size 165,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Dallas, Texas, United States,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Merriman Anderson Architects (MAA) is the architect and interior designer and implemented a modern design throughout the hotel with a warm blend of limestone, metals and stucco for the architecture which sets the tone that is used for the rest of the masterplan. The design is inspired by the original exploration of the land that is now known as Southlake, Texas. Every material, space and concept throughout the design of the hotel features the explorer’s original journey through a thick, dense forest among the starry night sky. Through thoughtful design and intricate details, the interior design gives a sense of the surrounding geography, rich history, innovative advancements, and sense of community that Southlake has to offer.

    Refined materiality, natural forms and streamlined furnishings provide for an elevated guest experience. Staying true to Delta’s philosophy of “the bare maximum”, every space provides aesthetically pleasing visual interest and is seamlessly functional – simple made perfect. The hotel’s full-service restaurant and bar features a sophisticated design with eye-catching displays to create a smart and casual atmosphere while portraying Southlake’s deep roots.

    “The new hotel provides modern and high-tech meeting spaces as well as interior comfort for guests traveling for business and leisure,” says Milton Anderson, President of Merriman Anderson/Architects. “The design we implemented is meant to represent the history of Southlake and the surrounding areas while providing a simple yet sophisticated space inside.”

    As part of a mixed-use development in Southlake that will feature office and retail, the Delta Hotels by Marriott Dallas Southlake sits at the southeast corner of White Chapel and 114 in Southlake and is a center point of the development.

    Design: Merriman Anderson Architects
    Photography: Delta Hotels by Marriott Dallas Southlake