Istetyka Cafe

Yakusha Design completed the Istetyka Cafe with a limited material and color palette to maintain a minimalist design while still giving space for intrigue and a welcoming environment.

  • area / size 1,367 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Designed in live minimalism, the signature style of Yakusha Studio, a modern eatery features a laconic interior primarily made in natural & recycled materials and enhanced with a living spirit of artisanal objects.

    The name “Istetyka” is a portmanteau of the Ukrainian words for eating and aesthetics. The owners sought to change the attitude to ready-to-eat food turning the ordinary into a ritual, so aesthetics of eating became the main message traced in the interior.

    Guests are welcomed by the laconic entrance embodied in wood, clay walls and unprocessed concrete, original to the building where the eatery is. Connection with the earth and ecological approach is the basis of Yakusha Studio’s philosophy. So special attention was paid to the materials and their origin.

    The main area features spacious round Ztista tables by FAINA served for friendly meetings. The legs of the tables are made from sustainable material based on clay, recycled paper, and other natural components which can be decomposed in soil with years — get back to nature. An artisan applies the living blend on the recycled steel basis and thus, from his hands, a unique, full of living irregularities silhouette comes out.

    The second zone includes small round concrete tables complemented by simple rectangular poufs made of recycled plastic. The kitchen is separated from the seating area by the toned glass, elegantly framed with a minimalist rack for orders.

    Designing the space, the studio adhered to the natural balance. The simple geometric shapes of the seats are gently softened by the rounded lines of the tables and lamps.The coldness of concrete walls and furniture meets the warmth of living clay. Roughness and uneven textures are balanced by the purity and smoothness of steel.

    Most items of the Istetyka eatery were handmade by local artisans. Artisanal macrame lamps elegantly finish area over dining tables. Accompanied by the rounded steel sconces, they fill the interior with a soothing light after the sunset.

    Authentic Kumanec vases with textured surfaces are part of live design collection of furniture and decor — FAINA.

    Design: Yakusha Design
    Photography: Yevhenii Avramenko