RG Naxos Hotel

THDP completed the renovation of the RG Naxos Hotel to honor the surroundings, update the amenities, and maintain the charm of the iconic space on the beach.

  • area / size 37,674 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Giardini Naxos, Italy,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The hotel is beachfront and from all the common areas windows the view is always toward the sea. The building presents most of the room facing the sea allowing the Mediterranean light to enter from the big windows and the guest can enjoy the salty air from the guestroom balcony.

    The hotel was (and still is) one of the most important and famous hospitality building which has hosted generation of tourists attracting people from all over the world. It sits at the feet of Etna volcano and near to Taormina.

    Detailed local research guided the narrative of the entire concept project, commencing with the refurbishment of the main public areas, lobby and lobby bar, guest check in, Restaurants Panarea & Sciara, and creating a new Pool Terrace and Fluido bar.

    The interior design concept was inspired by the natural beauty of the volcanic beaches, the sea, mount Etna’s super-natural presence and the features of the island of Sicily and the ambition was to bring them into the centre of the hotel. By adding local decoration, artworks and colors the goal was to add character, a deep sense of authenticity and a refined and resort-based palette of natural tones with touches of colors of the sea.

    The lobby was a large open space of over 700sqm meters, previously decorated in a heavy baroque style, the concept from the outset was to re-activate this space, giving it a new heart and focal point – and to be appealing to both guests and to walk-in locals.

    From the outset THDP considered adding a new lobby bar to the center of the space, being both a visual anchor but also dividing the space and making it feel more intimate. With the new layout smart workers and leisure guests can meet using a polyvalent area which can hosts all thanks to the different typology of seating. The style is elegant, Mediterranean with sea colors and Taormina’s stone colors melting indoor and outdoor color palette.

    The reception has been inspired by the Sicilian attitude of welcoming and it has been translated in three large reception desks with dark grey lava top fabricated by Nero Sicilia, the feature rear wall is tiled with hand painted local tiles by La Fauci, the accent decorative lights are from Aromas del Camp and are of copper and rattan, thus from the very beginning of their journey the guest is surrounded by an authentic and local experience.

    The restaurant Panarea has materials, features, and shapes that reminds guests of antique craftsmanship, incorporating hand painted tiles in the niches at the entrance with traditional motifs from La Fauci. The buffet area has screens featuring irregular but geometric shapes hanged from the ceilings that recall ancient Greek terracotta jars. The artisan tributes continue on the walls covered with a braided woven leather cowhide effect inspired by ancient Greek sandals.

    La Sciara Restaurant’s design has been inspired by the existing wall covering of lava stone: the space has the darker tones echoing those of the Mount Etna volcano, the dark ominous stone is counterpointed by the vibrant blue and red glazing – recalling colors of the sea at night, foreboding, dark yet attractive and welcoming. The metalwork in the restaurant is a rich copper tone, accented by rich blue lacquers, and the table top feature rich glazed textures applied with glass onto the lava stone, all by Nero Sicilia. The entire space naturally calls to mind dining in a more elegant and finer restaurant.

    Design: THDP
    Contractor: R.L.General Contract
    Photography: Giorgio Baroni