W Changsha Hotel

CCD/Cheng Chung Design modeled the design of the W Changsha Hotel on the galactic nature of Changsha, utilizing the theme of stars throughout the design of the futuristic looking space.

  • area / size 355,209 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Changsha, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Light up the Starry Sky
    Changsha, known as star city, is full of surprise and mystery like the universe. CCD combines the concept of futuristic travel with the local cultural context to create a fantastic “Starry Universe”, which ignites the passion of exploring the unknown with curiosity and courage.

    The iconic “W” logo at the hotel entrance features rough textures and splendid lines, which respectively echo the uneven surface of the moon and the trajectory of aircraft orbiting around the moon in an outer space journey. The soft lighting and surreal expressions create an exciting visual experience.

    “Star” is deconstructed into points, lines and planes in a three-dimensional manner, to shape the avant-garde entrance gateway with sharp edges and angles. The metal textures of the gateway exude cool luster and bring about a feeling of awe.

    Starry Universe
    The design concept of the foyer is to magnify the universe by 300 times and to decompose it into planets, meteorites, dust, protons, neutrons and atoms…

    The industrial-style wall featuring cement textures and faults are combined with elaborately-designed lighting, together forming an avant-garde scene of floating stars.

    Path of Stars
    Rhombic lines are vertically embedded into the stone flooring in a way like the movement of light beams, which brings the guests into the mysterious space where they can look up at the sparkling stars.

    Realm of Stars
    Copper sections are folded at large angles and in different directions to extend the spatial structure, thereby enabling guests to perceive the power of numerous individual entities in the vast universe. Such power can nourish the inner mind, and guides guests to get away from the reality to immerse themselves in the multi-dimensional space journey and to dialogue with the universe.

    The space and artworks echo with each other as independent entities. They are symbols derived from the universe, like stars, meteorites, orbits of stars, and meteoroids, and represent the expansive sky, the present and the future.

    Inspired by meteorites from Zeta planet, the round metal art installations scattered in the lobby exude mist randomly, which symbolizes the enrichment of cosmic energy and welcomes all “adventurers”.

    Design: CCD/Cheng Chung Design
    Photography: Wang Ting