Notiz Hotel

Studio OAK designed a space that is both upscale and inviting for guests to sleep, eat, and relax at every turn in the sustainably completed Notiz Hotel in Leeuwarden.

  • area / size 2,788 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Leeuwarden, Netherlands,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The reception begins in a new bar and lobby. After checking in, it is a perfect place for a beer or a delicious cocktail and also the place to grab a bite to eat. The most delicious dishes are prepared on the grill plate, processed in the bar. The bar is made of natural materials, such as solid oak and Terrazzo. In the middle part is a large island with a drinks rack. This one seems to run off into the skylight.

    After reception and a delicious drink, the guests can retire to a room or luxury suite, where they can experience the real atmosphere of Friesland. In addition to individuality, sustainability is also a theme that is visible in the complete makeover of Notiz hotel. With the renovated rooms, the hotel gives its guests a unique experience that is characteristic of the DNA of Notiz hotel.

    Design: Studio OAK
    Photography: Erikjan Koopmans