balbek bureau was asked to design the interior of a 24/7 restaurant that projects a strong visual image of American culture; ZVD is a meeting place for like-minded people, connoisseurs of American style, its way of life, modern pop and hip-hop culture in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • area / size 2,690 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • balbek bureau proposed to create a light, representative space where thematic elements of decor would be arranged in a free form. These attributes would create meaningful connections to American culture, in which every visitor would find something familiar. Overall, the establishment should be comfortable, bright, memorable, cozy, rich in elements and various photo zones; it must meet the needs of guests, be modern and flexible for hosting events of different formats. Textures and finishes are from natural materials: wood, metal, leather.  The color scheme is of natural sand shades: ochre, brown, umber, copper. Such palette unveils an open space during the day, and conveys reflections of neon lights at night, allowing to fully reveal every aspect of the interior.

    The restaurant is divided into three rooms, each with its own theme and format, with options for seating arrangement variations. The first room is the main and the largest. It features a bar area, a place for DJ sets, a dance floor and a seating area for parties of 4 to 6 guests. The bar block and and the WC facilities are separated by metal bars grille, forming a separate and clearly defined visual block. When creating the second room, some crowded feasts at American picnics came to mind. So, we placed a large communal table for 20 guests in the room, as equivalent to the American picnic table. A composition of American neon signs was installed on one of the walls. Generally speaking, we wanted to introduce exterior elements and adapt the “street” theme and scale in the interior. While first and second rooms share the same conceptual solution – they are light and open, – the third room is distinctively different. The room is placed further away from the rest; it is executed in dark colors and is well suited for evenings, with more private and intimate atmosphere.

    The most striking elements of décor and favorite places for selfies are an active installation in the first room – tumble dryers with rotating drums, and Mars and Pepsi vending machines doors, which conceal WC block behind them.

    Design: balbek bureau
    Photography: Yevhenii Avarmenko