Hotel Royal Tulip Sand

MIXD designed an oasis for guests at Hotel Royal Tulip Sand, using the inspiration of the sea throughout the guest rooms, restaurant, and children’s area to provide pleasant accommodations for those traveling to Kołobrzeg.

  • area / size 53,820 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Kołobrzeg, Poland,
  • Type Hotel,
  • This hotel is definitely a seaside, resort hotel, comfortable, with the largest rooms in Kołobrzeg – perfect for those who love the sea and come back to it every year, for those who appreciate elegance, quality, pleasant experiences, and comfort. The interiors of Royal Tulip Sand in Kołobrzeg are deeply immersed in the seaside landscape, colors, and atmosphere, but these associations are not too obvious and intrusive.

    Rattan furniture and fittings flow through the entire hotel, from the reception to the rooms. Woven armchairs and chairs, openwork shutters dividing rooms into functional zones, furniture fronts, even room numbers, and interior accessories – the sunny, warm color of rattan braids brings to mind the most beautiful moments of summer. We also have many items in shades of beige. This color of beach sand (present, among others, on travertine floors and carpets) calms the senses, rests the eyes. We have a navy blue of the sea waves here, but the velour upholstery of the armchairs in this color is more in a boho than glamor atmosphere. Finally, we have a lot of brass details – just like on the decks of elegant yachts. We do not forget for a moment that we are in Kołobrzeg, so as the city name suggests – not far from the sea.

    Sea inspirations appear in various elements of the hotel interior, but they are invariably restrained and stylish. We have striped pillows – but they are not classic “sailor” stripes, but a more sophisticated pattern. Wood, e.g. tabletops, is sandblasted to bring out the natural grain – like fragments of trees thrown onto a beach by sea waves. You can also feel the sea breeze in the form of lamps in the rooms, lobby, and bar. Some resemble beach umbrellas, others – lamps used on boats and in marinas. It is worth noting here that many elements of the Royal Tulip Sand equipment have been specially designed by the MIXD studio for the needs of this facility. “This is a five-star hotel, such places should have a unique, individual decor. At the same time, however, we are in a resort, a place where we come to rest, breathe the sea air full of iodine. So we ran away from an excess of aesthetic stimuli, from too formal, overwhelming style.” says Piotr Kalinowski, MIXD CEO and creative director.

    Even in the hotel’s children’s playroom, the nautical style is not very literal. We have signal rescue flags, ropes, rope ladders, inflatable Puff Buff lamps that look like lifebuoys, but we are still effectively escaping the seaside cliché and kitsch. The colors – in line with what we see in other interiors – are also subdued, harmonious, and conducive to relaxation. In the entire hotel, in line with the MIXD philosophy that prefers to use local brands, we can find many interesting examples of good Polish design: e.g. Plum Fameg chairs, Mokka Sits armchairs, Chors lamps.

    Design: MIXD
    Design Team: Piotr Kalinowski, Katarzyna Majer-Hola, Paweł Panek, Anna Kosecka, Marta Flik, Joanna Paterska, Marta Jakubas
    Photography: Pion Studio