Cafe French Baker

zavod11 utilized entirely industrial materials yet with a softer approach at the Cafe French Baker maintaing the natural feel, with a comfortable environment.

  • area / size 1,130 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Yekaterinburg, Russia,
  • The French Baker coffee shop is located in the First House of the City Council. The cultural heritage site, one of the constructivist buildings of the city, was built in 1927 by the architect Sigismund Dombrovsky. “House of the City Council” formed the development of the main thoroughfare of the city, and the appearance of Sverdlovsk at that time.

    The renovation of the former tenants hidden the architectural details of the space. The stucco molding and the windows on the other side of the hall were a pleasant surprise for us. After that, the layout of the hall and seating places logically changed. We felt like we were discovering “treasures” that no one had suspected during the selection of the premises. Everything has been carefully preserved and highlighted by new designs based on a minimalist design. Being in a clean space, you can catch your eye on the texture of walls, ceilings, stucco moldings and bricks of that era broken by time.

    The tasks of the twelfth coffee house French Baker were to renew and expand its audience: to create a place with an emphasis on coffee and bread of its own production. The location in the center of the constructivist ensemble of houses influenced the interior. The forms of the space reflected the architectural features of the building. “Triangular ribs” in the partition and underframe of the communal table are an interpretation of the architecture of the balconies of these forms. General constructive solutions from simple materials (plywood, solid ash, metal). The stucco molding is more solemn and is located in the main landing hall. This can be attributed to the city meetings that took place in this hall. And a large round table is located under the ceiling rosette – so that, after a hundred years, people would also gather here.

    The bar has two zones – the barista has a separate space. Next to the checkout there is a closed display case with desserts and an open one with sandwiches and bowls. Crafted bread and coffee packages are located to the right of the guest on separate shelves. Such “logistics” makes it possible to prepare a drink in one and a half minutes.

    Design: zavod11
    Photography: Valeriy Nemirov