Willing Coffee

Ohlo Studio designed Willing Coffee as a classic Italian inspired cafe designed like a jewelry box where the owners love for competitive cycling and coffee together could create a warm, sharp, crisp and inviting neighbourhood cafe in Perth, Australia.

  • Location Perth, Australia,
  • The design details were largely informed by research into early industrial designs from the 50’s and 60’s and vintage cycle styling.

    This era was the beginning of industrial design as a profession and, in the post war world, mechanical equipment was being designed to be more appealing in a household environment. Manufacturers wanted to appeal to woman in order to get their products into homes. Thus there was a fluidity or softness in many of the designs. Later, designs also became influenced by the space age and had a clear ‘tech’ vibe.

    It is this contrast between ‘tech’ and curvaceousness that informed our design. We looked more specifically at Italian mid-century diners as a way to combine classic Italian and mechanical references; drawing inspiration from a period in design that was rich with possibility.

    The counter is formed from folded stainless steel wrapping a Persian Red Travertine front. In this way the small venue looks less cluttered through the consistency of steel surfaces and retains a functional, technical feeling in contrast to soft finishings and curved lines of the seating area.

    Willing Coffee accommodates an extensive list of ‘must haves’ into a small space. The venue is intentionally tight on seating, increasing familiarity, but maintains a clean aesthetic that tells the story of the family that run it.

    Design: Ohlo Studio
    PhotographerPatrick Schüttler