8150 Leesburg Pike Amenity Spaces

Architecture, Incorporated created a space to function for fitness, gathering, and working at the 8150 Leesburg Pike Amenity Spaces using open areas and a thoughtful layout.

  • area / size 7,100 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • To provide an amenity for current and future tenants, the building owner of 8150 Leesburg Pike envisioned a shared space in an area formerly leased to a gym. After exploring several options for the suite, the owner asked the design team to transform 7,100 sf of windowless space on the second floor into a conference and fitness center with a modern industrial feel.

    The entry sequence begins at the elevator bank with steps or an accessible ramp leading into the lower portion of the space. A raised area defines one lounge, while a lower lounge flows into a more casual seating area with a galley, the fitness center, a work lounge, and an enclosed conference center. The individual elements were ordered in such a way as to make the space seem larger and to allow for multiple simultaneous uses. Despite the many challenges of co-locating a conference center and fitness room in the same space, effort was made to not “wall off” any areas by incorporating glass dividers that maintained transparency while delineating a separation of uses.

    The aesthetic is a mix of concrete, wood tones, and metal to create a cozy but modern environment. A theme that carries throughout is a grid, from the map mural in the elevator lobby to the intricate carpet pattern and ceiling details. Lighting, open shelving, and greenery throughout help to brighten the interior and all furniture and accessories were selected by the design team. Specific to the lighting, fixtures punctuating the wood slat detail reinforce the element of transparency while a “skylight” feature over the raised platform was a cost effective solution to define the area while adding a substitute for natural light.

    In the main lounge, a wood arch helps to define functions while offering a space to conceal conduit. Ceiling features also help to define spaces, with metal grids and lighting fixtures suspended beneath the exposed ceiling. All shelving is custom designed millwork, while a bar top in the kitchen is a custom assembly of metal mesh. The main wall is tiled and LED lighting details on the floating shelves helps to highlight wall texture.

    The adjacent fitness center features a large “word graphic” of motivational images. On both the floor and ceiling, a series of angles helps to energize and visually enlarge the space. The ceiling is painted black to further expand the space–creating the illusion of volume. Light fixtures crisscross the ceiling at different levels while still maintaining the height needed to accommodate fitness equipment.

    The large conference center can be divided and oriented in multiple ways. In-grid low-profile lighting accommodates the ceiling height. A double layer of frosted film on the conference room windows repeats the grid pattern carried throughout while creating some visual privacy. An adjacent working lounge has a custom banquet that contains power within an angled base.

    Design: Architecture, Incorporated
    Photography: Paul Burk