New Era Coffee Café & Bar

Ippolito Fleitz Group struck a balance between sophisticated and casual for the completion of the New Era Coffee Café & Bar giving guests an oasis as they enter.

  • area / size 872 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Munich, Germany,
  • The Schwabing district of Munich is well-known for its vibrant street life by day and by night. Young people in particular love the cosy atmosphere the district has to offer. Within this setting, we have realised a »café/bar« concept for NEW ERA COFFEE, which unites the lifestyle factors of enjoyment and taking time.

    The value of a good cup of coffee lies in its complex flavours, which only properly unfold when temperature and pressure are correctly applied during the making process. Our interior design translates this guiding principle into a space that condenses a diversity of people within a common lifestyle feeling. Professional workshops, just one part of NEW ERA COFFEE’s diverse offering, underscore the brand concept of a »new era of enjoyment«. For NEW ERA COFFEE, the new era begins with its own premises in the heart of the city, after already having been successful with mobile offerings at festivals and street parties.

    Thanks to a clever interior design, the café/bar with its informal atmosphere offers the perfect setting for all tastes at any time of the day or night. Different seating situations are grouped around a central counter, forming separate zones thanks to the special design of floor and ceiling. A small, elevated niche, from which one can overlook the entire space, offers a new favourite spot for people-watchers. For us, it was key to create a »room within a room«, so that the overall fluid effect is not impaired by partitions.
    In combination with high-quality materials and a supporting light design, the focus is on the »warmth« of the coffee during the day. In the evening, the mood shifts to the »coolness« of a stylish drink. Our design concept, with its joyful palette of colours and loving attention to detail, is a perfect representation of vibrant Schwabing in all its zest and diversity.

    Despite the limited space available, a café/bar has been created in which not only regular customers feel at home, but also walk-in customers, who are quick to spy the inviting oasis of cosiness through the glass façade. And NEW ERA COFFEE’s confident policy of only using organically grown beans from selected regional roasters is the special reward that awaits anyone who steps inside. A value that is now also reflected in the brand image.

    Design: Ippolito Fleitz Group
    Design Team: Gunter Fleitz, Peter Ippolito, Axel Knapp , Anke Wankmüller, Christian Kirschenmann
    Photography: Andreas J. Focke