Haldiram’s, Rajouri Garden

  • area / size 6,370 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location New Delhi, India,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Haldiram’s as a brand has prided itself over being a homegrown and proudly Indian franchise, a household name in the country that has received global adulation. Seeking an overhaul of their identity in the form of an elevated spatial narrative, Haldiram’s collaborated with groupDCA to create their newest venue in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

    The site at hand was a former car showroom and inherently blessed the bare shell with a capacious floorplate and appreciable internal heights. The primary intention was to remain honest to the ethos and lineage of tradition that Haldiram’s has embodied over 80 years while patenting a new-fangled design language that is contemporary. The elevation dons a minimalist yet classic demeanour with its trademark scarlet signage, which establishes the primary connection with the patrons who resonate with the brand’s persona.
    The layout has been envisioned as three core zones that have been pragmatically designed while balancing function and aesthetics. Over 50% of the floorplan hosts the kitchen, service areas, and display counters with the brand’s products.

    The first segment comprises the Café and Retail sections. The former is to encourage patrons to visit the venue across the day and to relish authentic dishes on the menu while utilising the space for collaborative meetings or small-scale discussions, much like a regular bistro would function.

    Modelled on a similar principle of that of a duty-free retail zone in airports, the newly introduced retail segment at the forefront hosts packaged goods and merchandise from the house of Haldiram’s. The immensely popular and newest additions, the ice-cream counter and retail zone tie into the larger blueprint while creating engaging segments of spaces that encourage the patrons to make a quick stop while billing their orders.

    A larger family dining space is the second zone that can anchor groups of people who visit the venue and intend on enjoying their meal at the restaurant. The third zone consists of an expansive banquet area for larger congregations; this portion has organised auxiliary wet service areas like drinking water facilities, washrooms, and segregated garbage disposal sections to ensure smooth hosting and back-end functioning.

    Materiality at the Haldiram’s restaurant assumes a pivotal and impactful role in shaping the milieu — the overarching intent of the space has been kept upscale and muted while creating a sensorial experience that also demands reduced maintenance.

    The flooring is a composite of three tones of terrazzo ranging shades of white, light grey, and dark grey which make their way into the seating areas and circulation spaces. The walls have been finished in textured shades of grey and black tile signages have been suspended suavely across zones to demarcate the flow of spaces.

    The ceiling has been layered with a grid of wood-finish aluminium louvres that conceal services and Air Conditioning ducts have been inconspicuously camouflaged under white false ceilings over service counters. Lighting elements at the restaurant have been curated painstakingly to ensure an uplifting ambience. Customised suspended track lights are dotted with brushed brass spotlights which warmly illuminate tables and diffuse the light into the surroundings. Hints of brushed brass are further witnessed across skirtings and furniture finishes, creating a sense of understated luxury.

    The furniture at Haldiram’s is an intentional exercise in collaging subdued yet significant hues that lend the space a lively spirit! With a soothing palette of beige, deep blue, and blush pink, the studio has also conceptualised the interiors to bear an immersive and biophilic character. The various patrons at the venue layer the premises with activity and colour, bringing the otherwise minimalistic space to life! The introduction of a unified tone of wood in a walnut-cherry finish, solid-hued lustrous tiles, doses of indoor greenery, and the tactful usage of decorative mirrors and glass create a cohesive palette of spatial design.

    This Haldiram’s venue is a homage to the franchise’s legacy, which has been upheld kudos to the brand’s efforts to serve the bonafide celebrated Indian cuisine the world over! To honour the driving inspiration that champions the Indian heritage and culinary palette, groupDCA has curated locally available and indigenous materials to create a hospitality experience that is resoundingly rooted in Indian inspiration.

    Design: GroupDCA
    Photography: Suryan and Dang