Fireside Restaurant

M.R. STUDIO was informed by Fireside Restaurant’s bare and raw style of cooking, with a design that results in an unpretentious dining space that is rustic yet refined.

  • area / size 2,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Fireside, the recent addition to H Code in the heart of bustling SoHo, is a new dining concept offers an alternative experience that celebrates authentic open-flame grilling in Hong Kong.

    As the name suggests, the restaurant is set to pay homage to the most primal form of cooking which focuses on old-fashioned wood-fired cuisine. Unlike many other restaurants furnished with modern smoking equipment, Fireside only makes use of an open-fire grill fuelled by select varieties of wood and binchotan charcoal. The dining offer is all about stripping back the modern culinary world to go back to the basics. Designed by local firm M.R. Studio, the restaurant’s interior inspiration is drawn on references of the campfire in nature.

    Upon arrival, diners are welcomed by an instagrammable feature wall made of layers of rustic bricks with curvy edges framing around a mirror. A sphere-shaped feature lamp mimicking the moon hangs above the Fireside logo, while smoke surrounding the illuminated, red-coloured sign tempers the rustic setting and infuses a touch of rough poetry. The natural elements such as firewood, lively plants, and hemp rope, are reinterpreted in an elevated way and further cultivate the rustic yet refined look effortlessly.

    Passing by the reception and further walking inside of the restaurant, such previous encountered design elements are found throughout the space. Rustic brickworks with different shades of colour are used from walls to floors. Considering the restricted ceiling height, designer skillfully dangles helm rope from above to conceal the ventilating system.

    The open kitchen essentially serves as a stage and showcases the grilling craft performed by the chef, creating a sense of theatre. Made of exquisite marble, the kitchen table balances wood-grilling experience with a modern take. Through the same distinctive curve that followed by kitchen table, bespoke lighting, and oak wood framed feature ceiling, a strong sense of design cohesion is further enhanced. A clever approach to the area is the combination of various seating arrangements. Within the alcove that formed by the shape of kitchen table, is placed with a lower dining table. The attentive arrangement provides an optional semi-private experience, while the adjacent seatings offer guests opportunities to be immersed in the grilling show.

    Opposite of the kitchen table, sits a round shaped private dining room emulated as a tent. Designed for flexibility, the curtain can be drawn aside to experience a more open atmosphere or closed for privacy and special events. The original triangled brick surface injects a stimulating look into the widely used design element. Oak timber ceiling, ingenious brass adorned pendant lamp, tasteful marble table, elegant carpet, all contribute to a quiet luxe aesthetic that distinguishes from the rest of space.

    The private room is flanked by two glass rooms, with dry-aging meat displaying on one side and fine wines on the other. A patio for al fresco dining seamlessly connects to the main hall, multiple seating choices are ensured within the modest space. The harmonious integration with the dining concept and unpretentious interior immediately gains Fireside an acclaimed reputation in town.

    Design: M.R. STUDIO
    Photography: Steven Ko