Halation Bistro & Lounge

RooMoo was asked to design a unique experience for guests at the Halation Bistro & Lounge using a thoughtful combination of lighting, metal installations, and flow throughout  the interior.

  • area / size 3,875 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Halation is a fascinating word in astronomy. Deliver experience, meticulous and unique, comfortable sense, cordial and friendly, and it is the brand logic of Halation Bistro/Lounge. Located in the central area of Shanghai, an affluent Jing’an neighborhood filled with tree-lined avenues and beautiful red-brick 800 Show (Creative Working Center and Show area), this is Halation’s first outpost of the brand.

    The design team used 3713 square-shaped grass block pavers to cover ‘Halation’ with three different combinations and patterns. The 15 large infinity mirror pendant lamps and 70 metal ceiling surfaces together spell out the infinite imagination of the universe and the interstellar, with 81 disc devices that feel like planets and meteorites hung on it. The bar counter is represented by 80 pieces of bricks, like the sun and moon, changing gradually. 2 wine racks like flying rotary switches activate the gate of time built by 86 wine bottles.

    Halation integrates the coffee area, the beverage bar area, the central dining area, the card seat area on the left and right sides, the kitchen, and the bathroom. According to different usage requirements, the two newly added pillars with six original ones divide the main space into four seating areas and one delivery corridor to keep each site corresponding privacy. Central dining area naturally as the main axis connects other four regions.

    With the concept of astronomical environment, ‘Halation’ uses different lighting Installations and BlueTooth to control the lighting effect of the whole site. Therefore, the various dining times reflect the diverse interest and appropriate lighting atmosphere.

    The coffee area directly faces the outside, considering the functions of taking care of the outdoor seating and food taking-out. The total of 8 infinity lamps at the entrance (6) and the operation area (2) can make people have unlimited reveries about the internal space.

    The wine bar area adjacent to the main entrance is the stage of the bartenders, and it is also the place where the design expresses the flow of time area. Through the illumination of the light, the half-curved three-level vertical wine bottle installation blooms a beauty of keeping time. The two sizeable flying wine racks provide the display of wine and seem to be the start of the time change.

    The 81 discs are distributed on the top surface of the ceiling in the central dining area. We hope that from any angle, we can see different appearances. The staggered settings of heights allude to the imagination of the cloudy and sunny moon. And based design logic of points, lines, and surfaces using RGB light color programmable and constantly changing characteristics, combined with the disc to form the image of the universe astrolabe.

    The sunken center point is like a black hole, and the star-like color-changing discs on the four sides are connected with the large and small spotlights arranged on the ceiling, which becomes the vision of the planetary belt. Also, the haloed image on the top surface by light reflection reflects the original intention of Halation.

    For adding an exciting highlight to the center of the venue, we have made a return capsule spacecraft device for Halation. And to be able to provide the diversified use of the middle area as stage and performances for routine and special activities, being able to move quickly is also an essential structural feature of the ‘spacecraft’.

    Walking into the dark bathroom aisle, the welcoming beast on the planet quietly waits for all the guests who walk in, deliberately dividing the space into the main toilet area and the waiting area, matching the needs of different users. The contrasting mirror surfaces reflect the layering effect of bottomless black holes, which gives an exciting feeling in the waiting time.

    Design: RooMoo
    Contractor: Yizhu Shanghai Decoration Engineering Co.
    Photography: Wen Studio