Sierra Madre Taqueria

Erbalunga estudio used different scales and colors for a bold, yet authentic look, without overdoing the Mexican touches at Sierra Madre Taqueria in Vigo, Spain.

  • area / size 1,108 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Vigo, Spain,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Sierra Madre is a Mexican Taco House located in the centre of Vigo. The scope for the project of the Mexican owners for the Restaurant was to bring the flavors and colours of Mexico to the design so customers could have a global and gastronomic experience.

    The authenticity of the ingredients and recipes meant creating our own design, a way of creating a space that reflected the proprietors vision, values and enhancing the ethnicity of the menu . Time and comfort was a key consideration in the project, as “Sierra Madre” was to offer typical urban food of Monterrey but with a more a elaborate, “slow food” concept.

    The level of design generates different sets of scales with sizes and colors descending in boxes, devoid of ornamentation, from the ceiling areas creating from the exterior a perception of height of the interior. Another concept necessary for this space was to create enticing routes and corners to seating areas. In this way of blurring the limitations of the restaurants seating, the ceramic shutters are particularly important as they generate transparencies and inexistent depths to give an atmosphere of a larger but more intimate space.

    What has been created with blurring limits, introducing scales and to establish spatial situations with different environments is creating a city inside the premises. A “city” with its own brand identity and its own system to conquer space which could grow or decrease to the customer’s preferences because its limits do not define the project.

    The composition of color plays a fundamental role to generate the Mexican atmosphere, opposed to the external reality of the city of Vigo, thus giving a vibrant experience linked to the city of Monterrey.

    DesignErbalunga estudio
    Photography: Iván Casal Nieto