Vognyk Bar

Misto Zmistu utilized the unique shape and structure of the existing space to honor the history, while bringing in an eclectic style all its own at the Vognyk Bar.

  • area / size 1,001 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • We were lucky to work on a unique object – premises of the former Arsenal plant which served as manufactory since 1850’s. An arched space of irregular shape which is wider at the entrance – this was out initial data. We value architectural heritage; thus, we preserved this historical frame to the maximum by clearing the walls and retaining their authentic color.

    The outline of the premises also defined its zoning. Along the arch we placed a contact bar, above it at the angle for better view, there is a centerpiece of the whole space – a 4-meter collage by Sasha Chichkan.

    A gold mirror wall of semi-circle shape isolates a small patio of restroom from the main space and DJ zone. Everything that is going on around – movements on the dancefloor, swinging of the crystal pendants of the chandelier, colorful fluids in glasses, smiles – finds its reflection in the wall in the form of flares and reflexes, and thus, the space seems wider.

    Stylistically we submerged in eclecticism: tetrads of colors, duets of roughness and smoothness, contrasts of matt and flares, the tricks of everything. On the painting above – a wild feast of monkeys. One of the monkeys is holding a chandelier, and colorful butterflies are off to the light of it. Here you can be whatever you want: Vognyk – bar of weird people.

    Design: Misto Zmistu
    Photography: Victor Dyomin