McDonald’s CUBE Flagship Restaurant Shanghai

Steve Leung Design Group maintained the brand identity with bright colors but heightened the sophistication for the McDonald’s CUBE Flagship Restaurant Shanghai.

  • area / size 8,794 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Following the successful debut of the first and second McDonald’s CUBE flagship restaurants in Chengdu and Shenzhen in December 2020, Steve Leung Design Group (SLD) has partnered again with McDonald’s to introduce the third CUBE flagship restaurant in Shanghai. Located at McDonald’s China brand new headquarters recently launched in October 2021, the signature design of the brand’s latest flagship restaurant soon captivated the eye of the public.

    Situated on Shanghai’s West Bund, the new headquarters is also McDonald’s China Food Innovation Center. Spanning the ground and first floors of the building, the 700sqm flagship restaurant can accommodate over 200 customers, becoming the largest McDonald’s restaurant in Shanghai and the first to employ CUBE scheme in Eastern China. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, the flagship is also set to become the pioneering McDonald’s restaurant in Mainland China to ever receive LEED platinum certification, translating the space into a modern landmark that celebrates urban green living.

    SLD has adapted the CUBE design developed in 2020 featuring a series of playful nods to the iconic Happy Meal™ and ingeniously weaved the three key design elements: Cube, Warm Colours, and Hidden Smile, into this two-storey Shanghai flagship restaurant. The interior design vividly transforms the sweetest childhood memories experienced at McDonald’s into a physical space endowed with carefree, joyous and heart-warming touches.

    In this project, considering the exclusive partnership between the McCafé brand and CITIC Books – one of the key book retail players in China, SLD skilfully introduced the bookstore and mini theatre concepts on the ground floor. Reading pleasure, theatrical performance, and savouring of artisanal coffee are combined together for the first time at McDonald’s. A multi-faceted and creative scene is provided for families to bond through a new experiential lifestyle.

    The McCafé and the main dining area on two floors generously feature vibrant and fun food theme graphic walls, with cubic art installations referencing McDonald’s signature menu. The brand’s iconic food items are highlighted in specific partitions to showcase premium coffee beans and also serve as desk lights or wireless chargers to elevate the overall dining experience. Portraying the most memorable childhood moments made at McDonald’s, the interior setting presents a cheerful, sociable space for visitors of all ages to dine and connect.

    Design: Steve Leung Design Group
    Photography: Sun Jun