Mezcalista Lounge

Saladino Design Studio designed the Mezcalista Lounge with its natural earthbound finishes, carvings, artifacts, and vibrant dark colors, indulging in the ancient flavors of Mexico.

  • area / size 1,388 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • The sexy, intimate mezcal lounge was designed as a catacomb-like space dedicated to the ancient traditions of the revered spirit. Guests arrive either from the back of the adjacent seafood restaurant or through a separate entrance on Washington Avenue. The standout feature for the lounge starts with its discreet entrance, where walls are lined with glowing relic masks depicting the former spirits. As you enter the space, bottles are back lit on clear tempered glass, bequeathing the illusion of glow. The glass is held by an aged copper structure that is gripped by the fists of the Chief Elder himself. Leading either to the tasting room or the foyer is a grand ancient carved wooden door adorned with copper snake handles invoking mystic memories of the past.

    From the foyer, guests proceed past an arched doorway draped in velvet into a seductively lit lounge with walnut banquettes upholstered in leather and velvet and carved with figures of eagles. A large stone wall reveals carvings depicting the fusion of power and flavor by the gods who created such an artisanal collection. Behind a bar topped with black Nero stone, a staggered terracotta brick wall displays mezcal bottles illuminated from below, with some bricks extruded to create shelves for the bottle display. The bottles all glow continuously, granting an ominous feel to the space. Off to one side of the lounge, a velvet-draped, stone-walled tasting room layered with a golden banquette, nero marquina lounge tables, and black leather lounge chairs with velvet black serpents along the back, provides an intimate setting for private tastings and events. The stone wall features a colored Copitas de Mezcal display – the authentic way to enjoy tequila, with an array of artwork inspired by ancient cultures and civilizations using vibrant charcoals and untraditional pigments that pick up the color pallet of the lounge.

    The lounge features over 100 types of mezcal and its derivative, tequila, with mezcaliers explaining their different floral and smoky notes. The vibe ranges from intimate and relaxing earlier in the week, with mezcal connoisseurs sipping attentively, to fun and exclusive on the weekends.

    Design: Saladino Design Studio
    Design Team: Sean Saladino, Michael Saladino, Milagros Canada, Christian Parra
    Contractor: RCC Associates
    Photography: Michael Kleinberg