Wan Wea Restaurant in Chengdu Fortune Center

IN.X Design completed the distinct design of the Wan Wea Restaurant in Chengdu Fortune Center with architectural elements throughout the space that tease the eye and draw guests in.

  • area / size 15,360 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Chengdu, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • For more than a thousand years, the site of Chengdu has not been moved, and its name has not changed. As the land of abundance, its cultural heritage has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people along with the fragrant tea and the spicy hot pot. Countless places and spaces are constantly trying to describe the city totem. Rather than sculpting the subtle part, Wu Wei prefers to leave the effort to the great charm. Since food is the first necessity, the design simply creates a world that contains the human hustle and bustles, as well as the taste of food. In this grand environment, every magic and trend will come alive.

    For Wan Wea Restaurant in Fortune Center, the space strategy is both ingenious and difficult. Coincidentally, the collage of cooking and dinging atmosphere and mountain and river scenes is full of strength, accurately hitting the hearts of diners. The challenge lies in defining the entire space figuratively, abstractly, and exactly, so that the futuristic sense and the current daily life, the city and nature coexist in harmony, contrasting and relying on each other, so as to present the grand view of Wan Wea here and now.

    Design: IN.X Design
    Design Team: Wu Wei, Liu Chenyang, Jia Qifeng, Zhou Yong
    Photography: Zheng Yan