Milano Restaurant at Suning Zhongshan Golf Resort, Nanjing

  • area / size 5,920 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Nanjing, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Based on elaborate design, CCD created a wonderful journey of encountering authentic Italian cuisine.

    Through various tones and materials, the effect of visual elements is exerted to the greatest extent, thus creating a space filled with classical and fashionable atmosphere, romance and creativity. The skillfully crafted space reminds guests of the Renaissance. Immersed in visual scenes and fine food, they’re brought to a distinctive, romantic Italian dining journey.

    Romantic curves from Italy
    Inspired by natural arched landscape, the design team created an arched corridor of aroma, which makes guests feel as if they’re traveling in time and meanwhile offers them a pleasant dining environment.

    Solid brick walls and arched ceiling define the aesthetics of the place. Continuous arches produce a strong, orderly sense of sequence and ceremony. Red bricks engraved with the marks of time are a common texture of old buildings in Nanjing, stimulating people to recall the past. The design team chose the retro red bricks as a key element to connect the present and the past, in a bid to evoke guests’ recollection of the old days.

    Different masonry methods are applied to the red brick interior facades to control the texture and form various patterns. By controlling light and shadow effects through construction methods, the space becomes more diversified and playful in visual experience.

    The classic Italian-style arches lift the height of the space visually and add more fun to it. The space balances the extreme and the restraining, magnificence and tranquility. In addition, it’s awash with a mysterious yet soothing atmosphere.

    Italian-style design is usually expressed by either classical or modern languages. In this project, the design perfectly integrates art and functionality, and reveals fashion and nobility through a simplistic space. The wall inspired by Italian pepper grinder bottles exudes the artistic atmosphere of the Renaissance and tells nostalgic and classic legends.

    All scenes and elements, such as the elaborately-patterned marble floorings and red brick walls, and the carved decorative wooden wall with charred effect, are incorporated with Italian passion, which creates a comfortable, natural luxury dining experience for guests.

    Play of light and shadows
    Exquisiteness sometimes only needs a beam of soft light.

    The design team reduced the brightness of the space and further accentuated the lighting atmosphere, to create a realm distinct from the outdoors.

    Soft lighting spreads within the restaurant, expressing different emotions. If proportion and scale are the basis for cutting the space, light and shadows would be the magic of endowing it with changes. Such design technique of atmosphere creation is natural and classy, like a romantic epic telling a story that never ends.

    Red retro Italian-style furniture is matched with gorgeous sapphire-blue carpet, which shows the infusion of modern elements and classical tones and makes the space fit more into modern taste. Wrapped in soft lighting, the furnishings appear warm. As moving in the space, guests can appreciate varying scenes and feel the unique interplay of green plants and red bricks.

    Design: CCD/Cheng Chung Design
    Photography: Wang Ting