Changxing Datang Gong Cha Vipusea Hotel

  • area / size 139,931 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Huzhou, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Wood and marble are combined in the bathroom which incorporates Chinese-style delicacy and feelings. It inherits a unified style and quality in shape, showing the natural integration of vision and texture. When night falls, the space rhythm and artistic conception are enriched, and the shimmering light constructs the experience and sincere praise of the beauty in life.

    Under the balanced arrangement of Kenna Design, the classical order is inherited and integrated with the new knowledge of the times in an orderly manner, and the users and scenes in the hotel are overlapped and changed gradually, shaping the ancient charm that can be explored all year round. The design makes a hotel full of ancient charms rejuvenated, conveying the spirit of contemporary life.

    Design: Hangzhou Kenna Interior Design
    Design Team: Gu Huijuan, Ren Di, Zhou Xiaohang, Wang Bo, Chen Jingsi, Yang Yongliang
    Photography: Tupai Photography