Hotel Norge by Scandic

Hotel Norge by Scandic embraces Bergen’s history and combines it with an international and contemporary lifestyle, a uniquely curated design by concrete.

  • area / size 322,917 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Bergen, Norway,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The design is highlighted by the eternal sunshine of the giant sun in the lobby, a surprising feature hidden in the heart of the building.

    The hotel is a destination in itself, offering an escape from the daily grind for business and leisure travelers alike, without even having to step outside. Designed as a collection of unique curated spaces, with a different array of ambiance that capture the city of Bergen. Staying at Hotel Norge means meeting like-minded people at the bright, urban café Norge and forgetting time because you’re having fun. Going up to the Lobby, a more sophisticated and ambient space, lit by the giant sun that changes color depending on the season and mood.

    Discover nature’s richest and purest Nordic flavors in restaurant NOVA, explore new urban scenes with the lifestyle concierge, and experience the greatest freedom of the outdoors, away of the hustle and bustle, in the “hytte” inspired guest rooms at the end of the day. Staying at Hotel Norge offers a unique travel experience. The hotel allows both locals and travelers to eat, work, drink and sleep in the heart of the city, situated between the mountains and the vast blue sea. Surround yourself with city life, break free into nature when you need it, and stay to escape.

    Café Norge
    Café Norge is the perfect place to enjoy the vibe of an international city combined with the best of Bergen. Choose a spot to eat, drink, work or lounge and share experiences with like-minded people. The iconic wooden staircase that connects the two floors can be transformed into a stage for lectures and performances, while the central bar serves freshly made breakfast in the morning or exotic cocktails at night.

    Since sunlight is scarce in Bergen, Hotel Norge offers its guests eternal sunshine at its core. Catch a glimpse of the light, be drawn into the lobby, and take the escalator up to the 2nd floor to the heart of the building. Enjoy a drink at the bar while you check in or lounge around and enjoy live music with the sun as the backdrop. The sun always shines at the heart of Hotel Norge.

    Restaurant Nova
    Discover nature’s richest and purest Nordic delicacies in the restaurant and broaden your horizon with new flavors based on old traditions. The restaurant features a sequence of rooms that can be connected or separated, each with its own intimate atmosphere. The soft walls display mesmerizing horizons that reflect the beauty of nature and its ever-changing scenery.

    The rooms of Hotel Norge represent a modern interpretation of the traditional Norwegian Hytte. Leave the daily grind behind as you kick off your shoes in the mudroom, close the double doors behind you and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Design: concrete
    PhotographyWouter van der Sar