WU Modern Chao Cuisine

AD ARCHITECTURE wove in strength and minimalism to create a balance at the WU Modern Chao Cuisine giving it a striking appearance of black and steel throughout.

  • area / size 8,611 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • New Chaozhou Cuisine / A Diversified Space
    Located in Block E1 of OCT Tower in Shenzhen, the project is a modern Chaozhou cuisine restaurant that carries the mission of carrying forward Chaozhou cuisine. It has eight private dining rooms, a dining hall, a whiskey bar and a wine room, and provides innovated Chaozhou cuisine of high aesthetic value in a poetic architectural space.

    This restaurant is opened a year after the successful operation of WU CLUB, which reflects the client and AD ARCHITECTURE’s successful exploration of catering space and business mode. Conceiving the space as a kind of modern energy, AD ARCHITECTURE adopted progressive ideas and an interim status to create a unique spatial condition, and to let events that happen in the space carry the spatial value.

    Rationality / Architectural Aesthetics and Logic
    The structural logic of the space extends the building’s free character. The spatial layout is unrestrained and diversified. With an emphasis on the sense of temptation in the space, the design challenges people’s stereotypical architectural values and bounded imaginations. The entrance keeps a low profile with an automated door remaining closed when there are no visitors. The space reveals grandness in small details, and the spatial order unfolds along the twisting, tranquil circulation route. All of these portray a poetic scene.

    As the golden automated door slowly opens, guests will find a multifunctional service zone that combines both a reception desk and a bar counter. A lighted glass liquor cabinet looks delicate and classy. In front of the reception desk stand a row of wooden boxes that effectively highlight private dining experience in the dining hall and also generates a strong sense of architectural order. Above the bar counter, modern geometric structures are placed next to woven wooden handcrafts in a way that create a spatial ambience that tempts people to explore.

    Construction / Dialogue Between Reality and Future
    AD ARCHITECTURE understands future as an ideal status that we want to touch. Wu leads the guests into an otherworldly spiritual space similar to a virtual movie world. Being hyper-realistic, exaggerated and abstract, it presents a sense of future in a way that is also storytelling. The space connects a series of events to create an interesting, dramatic scene.

    The first and second floors are connected by a sculptural black staircase. It creates striking visual experience while also guiding the guests, embodying a combination of both functionality and aesthetics.

    Light / Modern Aesthetics of Nature
    AD ARCHITECTURE believes light is an explicit material which should be presented as a visible subject in the space. The design team exploited the materiality of light to express the spiritual world of humans. Through light, various emotions, mysterious, silent and ethereal, all emerge.

    Passages, where people stay for a short time, are easily neglected in design. However, AD ARCHITECTURE team believes that such transitional space without a strong functionality is the best choice for incorporating sentimental design expressions. For this project, the designers created a winding, tranquil circulation through the passage, which creates an Oriental aesthetic in an unrestrained, empty and free status.

    Chief Designer: Xie Peihe
    Contractor: Shenzhen Botao Construction
    Photography: Ouyang Yun