Cabo Beach Club

KT- Interior was tasked to design Cabo Beach Club as an oasis and beach escape for those seeking a luxurious and exclusive member experience in Cape Town.

  • area / size 38,266 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Cape Town, South Africa,
  • The Brief
    Create a destination beach club in the middle of a busy port, in Cape Town. Incorporating a welcome desk and waiting area, main bar with seating, fine dining restaurant with oyster deck, pool with pool bar and pool deck, beach area for dining that doubles up as an open-air venue plus members bar with members deck, sunken lounge and private boardroom.

    Design Challenges
    Opening Dec 2021 was a non-negotiable which meant the timing of the execution and delivery was critical. The project design commenced in June 2021. Working with an old, dilapidated structure meant a large amount of the budget allocated to the essentials – mechanical and compliance upgrades creating budget constraints for Design Features and FF&E. Re-purposing a number of existing structures and elements formed part of the overall strategy creating additional design challenges.

    Design Result
    The mix between industrial buildings with triple volume spaces juxtaposed against the ocean, sky and natural elements created an interesting mix of elements to work with.

    The aim was to create an oasis and beach escape in an industrial dock area. Using ocean elements as the main inspiration each different area had their own look and feel, making reference to Miami beach bar with bold use of colour, beach resort aesthetic with timber gazebos and sun loungers. An upmarket member’s bar with a mix of bespoke and vintage furniture. Artist collaborations resulted in bespoke bar light fittings, bum chairs and oversize coral inspired light sculptures.

    Design: KT- Interior
    Photography: Karl Rogers