Hoiana Hotel & Suites

CCD/Cheng Chung Design designed Hoiana Hotels & Suites in Hoiana Integrated Resort, which is Vietnam’s first world-class integrated resort as well as a top comprehensive resort & tourism development in Asia.

  • area / size 211,974 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Hội An, Vietnam,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Inherit cultural context, reproduce the past
    The built environment of the ancient town Hoi An is predominated by time-honored heritage buildings with delicately preserved authentic Vietnamese style, containing no trace of modern architecture. In addition, the French colonial style has been deemed as one of the architectural features of this town for more than a century. Inspired by the French colonial era in Vietnam, the design of Hoiana Hotels & Suites incorporates representative French colonial architecture style and decoration elements.

    While taking French colonial style as the design thread, local customs and artistic elements are combined to create a memorable experience and trigger sensory emotions in space.

    Stepping into the hotel lobby, what comes into sight becomes the first impression to guests. Bearing that in mind, CCD adopted classic French-style symmetric layout to organize the space, which is incorporated with natural tropical rain forests and original local culture as well as orderly placed decorations like floral art to enhance a sense of ceremony and generate a refreshing and elegant ambience.

    Nostalgic sentiments, exotic style
    While inheriting the cultural quintessence of Hoi An, CCD team reflected on how to cater to people’s diversified functional demands for space in the contemporary context, and creatively introduced new meanings and functions into the space.

    The restaurant blends colonial style and Oriental elements, such as retro wall decorations and wooden lines.

    Woven textures, French shutters, pendent lamps and prints show the fusion of modern and retro styles.

    Culture is revealed from trivial details of daily life. Articles that echo a certain period such as tea wares, lamps and flower decorations represent local aesthetic taste and cultural features.

    Calm and cozy, generous and genial
    The swimming pool area combines both aesthetics and functionality.

    Local common tropical flowers and trees including palms and broad-leaved plants are brought to this area, to express the dynamic, passionate Southeast Asian style.

    Open-air courtyard, outdoor furniture pieces and flourishing plants harmonize with each other, showing Oriental charm and playfulness.

    The infinity pools combined with the azure ocean bring a calming and cozy experience, generating an exquisite and delicate view.

    Salty sea breeze, colorful dreamy scene
    The guestrooms adopt typical Vietnamese-style layout, equipped with outdoor terraces that provide an unobstructed view to the fascinating white sand beach and coastal scenery.

    The guestrooms show thoughtful details and design. The customized furniture along with unique textures and wall decorations enhance the comfort of the space.

    Through subtly combining colors, materials and patterns, and according with ergonomic principles, each guestroom provides a comfortable and relaxing environment that matches with traditional Vietnamese aesthetics.

    The guestroom design maintains a modest gesture with appropriate decorations. Both the furniture and lighting emphasize space utilization and enjoyment. Lighting accentuates the configuration of furniture pieces, and changes the tone of different areas in the room.

    Design: CCD/Cheng Chung Design
    Photography: Fred Wissink