YO!NIKU Yakiniku Bar and Restaurant

DUTS design has completed the space design of the YO!NIKU Yakiniku Bar and Restaurant located in hopes of creating the feel of a warm urban lifestyle in the city with the stylish food and wine.

  • area / size 4,090 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Line-ordered decor creates an overall ambiance for the restaurant’s facade.Through the combination of virtual and solid skin, the warmth and quality of the interior space are revealed.

    Walking up the stairs and entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by a restrained and dynamic bar space, which opens a cold and soft dialogue. On one side of the bar, a digital light-controlled LED panel is used to present the wine display in the form of an art installation, and the entire space presents a steady tone and rhythmic changes.

    A gathering in a barbecue restaurant brought back the long-lost warmth and scorching atmosphere of gathering. We echo this scorching heat with artistic dark green and modern copper surfaces, creating a more refined restaurant atmosphere. The quiet tones allow customers to have a comfortable experience after they are seated, and prepare for a gourmet journey with peace of mind.

    In terms of design structure, the ceilings on both sides of the hall are wrapped with copper surfaces to divide the waiter operation area and the customer booth area, making the hall more sequenced. The central axis uses decorative column nets to demarcate the boundary, so that customers in the hall can also enjoy the stability of the exclusive space.

    The designer independently designed copper delicate chandeliers for the restaurant to increase the detail quality of the space. The designer raised the entire restaurant as a whole, and the exhaust pipes were all laid underground, so that customers would not be disturbed by oily fumes when dining.

    At the end of the restaurant, the designer has planned 4 VIP private rooms, which are connected to each other and can be divided and combined. Such a layout can meet the needs of different numbers of customers for dinner.

    The furniture in the dining room and the artwork on the walls are the highlight of this case. The designer has repeatedly considered the scale, color and material of the furniture, combined with the needs of the overall space quality, and invited artists to draw artworks with artistic sense and modern style. The elegant greenness is diffused in the space through various soft furnishings, forming a poetic balance with the copper surface.

    Design: DUTS design
    Photography: courtesy of DUTS design