Sirius Wine Shop

MadenGroup created a welcoming ambiance in the Sirius Wine Shop, by using a variety of materials inspired by ancient wine production procedures, such as water, mud, and hay.

  • area / size 2,153 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Prishtina, Kosovo,
  • Type Winery,
  • Sirius Wine is a wine shop which shows that wine is not only a drink, but a whole art.

    The use of natural materials further emphasizes the quality and heritage of this long-standing enterprise. The wooden floor adds warmth to the space and gives it a timeless, traditional and contemporary feel. Along with the wine racks, which will exhibit the collections of premium wines, the floor provides a sense of expectancy, a sensation that there is still something waiting for you along the road, new experiences to have, new experiences to be found in its inviting depths.

    As soon as you enter the store, a mini bar welcomes you to sip a glass of wine. By integrating mud and hay, they transform space by creating a meditative environment, an attraction from the outside world. Meanwhile, the red seats create a warm and conspicuous atmosphere.Whilst walking along the wine racks, you get a flowy vibe that resembles the pouring of wine.

    A chromatic relationship is created between the spaces. The focus of the experience in this store is the tasting room which serves as a place to sit, relax, chat and engage. A visitor of this store finds himself in a kind of wine cellar, separated from the reality of the surrounding city.

    Design: MadenGroup
    Photography: Leonit Ibrahimi