Alaska Airlines Lounge at SFO

WDA | William Duff Architects were tasked with creating a welcoming, comfortable, and sophisticated space for guests at the Alaska Airlines Lounge at SFO.

  • area / size 8,200 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Founded 90 years ago, as McGee Airways, and headquartered in Seattle in the state of Washington, Alaska Airlines tapped WDA to upgrade its passenger lounge at San Francisco International Airport where Duff, along with WDA retail practice leader Jonathan Tsurui, have completed more than 30 airport amenities projects at all four terminals, including British Airways’ Futures Lounge which features a luxurious private dining room. Similarly to the British Airways project, WDA realized the Alaska Airlines lounge in keeping with the company’s established design guidelines and brand standards. For Alaska Airlines, this meant approachable, branded spaces, each one anchored on a specific guest experience: “Come In,” “Take a Breath,” “Cut Loose” and “Help Yourself.”

    WDA founder Duff credits the firm’s ability to successfully work with diverse hospitality clients with varying goals and ambitions — from established companies to entrepreneurial brands and innovators — to Design Vision, a book-meets-design tool.

    Design: WDA | William Duff Architects
    Photography: Patrik Argast, Ingrid Barrentine