1111 Ones Restaurant & Lounge

M.R. STUDIO achieved a warm environment at the 1111 Ones Restaurant & Lounge utilizing arches, curves, and streamlined architectural elements throughout the space.

  • area / size 2,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • The new addition to On Lan Street’s fine dining scene – 1111 Ones Restaurant & Lounge brings gastronomes an original collaboration between creative culinary arts and spectacular landscape inspirations. Teamed up with the acclaimed landscape photographer Kelvin Yuen, 1111 Ones curates an enchanting dining experience blending modern Cantonese cuisine with an artistic geological flair.

    Named after a powerful universal number composed in a repetitive pattern, 1111 Ones connotes new beginnings of all things in life. Designed by Myron Kwan, founder and creative director of local interior design firm M.R. Studio, 1111 Ones draws inspiration from the picturesque Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

    Captivated by Antelope Canyon’s supernatural appearance, Kwan takes cues from the Canyon’s wave-like structure and geological rock formation, transforms the iconic organic forms and shapes, textures and colour palette into a surreal dining space that is unconstrained by conventionalism. Adopted a singular design narrative informed by the natural scenery elements, Kwan effortlessly infuses contemporary flair into the space. The interior results in a placid place, reminiscent of the ravishing and tranquil environs of Antelope Canyon.

    Upon arrival, the striking burnt orange hued entrance foyer resembles the signature colour palette of Antelope Canyon. The brass base sets the organic-shaped marble plaque off to advantage, exuding a sophisticated sense of beauty. Thoughtfully curated plant arrangement permeates an exotic energy. The symmetric arched doorway is designed with layer upon layer, with the floor lights projecting up, the feature entrance reimagines the famous light beams that shine across the sandstone in the canyon and shape the swirling effects. Radiating an awe-inspiring ambience, the mythical beauty of entrance foyer lure diners to further explore the space and let the journey unfold.

    Entering the restaurant, diners are immediately immersed in an ethereal world formed with undulating curves and fluid forms. Brushed with hand-painted copper hues, the main dining room continues the same colour palette seen from foyer, with the subtle veins and textures organically flowing around the space. The undulating lines of the ceiling feature define the space, capturing the beauty of the distinctive “flowing” shape in the sandstone. The white marbled countertop kitchen table anchors the main dining room, while its timber upholstery base continues the characteristic “flowing” shapes, echoing the feature curvaceous silhouette. A bespoke pendant lighting following the ceiling curves, its layers of copper compose an artistic impression resonating with Roman number Ones, echoing the restaurant’s name. Carefully selected furniture following the fluidity nature, the subdued colour tone and soft curves together cultivate a feeling of ultimate comfort.

    The similar craft and design elements, such as symmetric arched door, featured floating pendant lighting, and sophisticated furniture are as well adopted in the private dining room, creating a strong coherent design that enchants its audience like no others.

    Design: M.R. STUDIO
    Photography: Steven Ko