Dandelion Bar

MJA Studio utilized hand-picked finishes, metallic details and an eclectic edit of colour, texture and pattern come together to cultivate a place for neighbourhood gatherings and genuine hospitality and social exchange at the Dandelion Bar.

  • area / size 7,535 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Karrinyup, Australia,
  • The dandelion.. known worldwide for its beauty. Endless fields of yellow veil moving with the breeze, and over time transforming into its whispy arms floating away in the breeze on a warm day. The story goes, if you can blow all the seeds off a dandelion in a single breath, that the person you love will love you back…

    The essence of the dandelion is a touchstone we associate with the venue’s design and foundations. This 700m2 venue including bar, restaurant, woodfired kitchen and distillery talks to the beauty of open space and raw expression within a busy centre environment. The creation of a whimsical and enchanting experience, layered across two floors and offerings for all who partake in its splendour.

    Two distinct dining and drinking areas flow over the double storey space- joined by their gradient of colour. What starts as a fresh, clean and vibrant pink transforms to an earthy and rich red. No matter the season, nor the time of day, Dandelion is a space that is welcoming, inviting and comfortably woven into its centre surroundings.

    The craft and expressive detail and materiality begins as soon as you step through the front door. Muted, dusty pink tones work harmoniously across various scales and materials to create an open and airy space, delivering a subtle backdrop for the spaces heroes: the copper gin still and ground floor bar. The combination of terracottas, warm wooden veneers, sandalwoods and moroccan pink create a sensation of spring time. The fibrous seeds of the dandelion seen in intricate metal fabrics and filigree timber panelling.

    Travelling up the main stairwell, the palette draws your eyes to a shift of atmosphere between the lower and upper levels. The space becomes unapologetically moody and dynamic. The upper level colour palette is more autumnal; timber and blacks offset the burnt red ceilings and patterned tiled bar. The positioning of the chefs kitchen and wood smoker create an alluring ambience and energy as you approach the bar. Textured fabrics and delightfully worn leathers help local shopper who stop for a quick glass of rose, or imbibers that find themselves settling into the lounge by the fire to linger awhile longer. Delicately detailed wallpapers, stained timbers and worn leathers compliment the flooring, Shaw Dyelab Lac, to furthermore enhance the romantic, fiery, feminine feel of the upper level bar and dining areas.

    An assortment of expressive natural stones are used throughout the space, balanced with the natural, organic feel of concrete griege tiling, warm hand cut brick slips and Shaw Dyelab carpets underneath. The varied, natural colorations of the carpet and brick slips evoke a sense of luxury and comfort, whilst also defining break-out areas and curated dining spaces. The carpet insets work harmoniously with the colour palettes of each floor, whilst also providing a feeling of warmth and providing some acoustic functionality, softening the excited chatter and clinging of cocktail glasses.

    Dandelion feels like somewhere you want to linger for hours, settling in as the first glimpse of sunset appears across the balcony above, and settle into the dark, ambient space, unravelling the visual and gastronomic offering it has to offer its visitors.

    Design: MJA Studio
    Photography: Dion Robeson